PRIMA Plasma screen 16/9 42"(106 cm) "HD ready" PH42W6S


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Evening Guys

Currently in the market for a new TV.

In the mix up between plasma & LCD but from reading through this site im pretty certain im wanting a plasma

Now it looks live ive found a good deal on the Pixmania site with the PRIMA Plasma screen 16/9 42"(106 cm) "HD ready" PH42W6S at only £675.

What I would like to know is on paper plasmas look to be so much better with there high colour accuracy and contrast level. I understand if you would like anything smaller than 37" then LCD is your only choice but with LCD's being made now up to 45" plus, what do you choose a plasma or LCD.

The tv will need to be hooked up to a 360 and preferably be used as pc monitor, can anyone tell me please whether the tv ive mentioned has conections for component and pc.

The one other thing that is baffling me is the resolution. By reading the text below it looks like plasmas even at 42" do not have a big enough resolution to display the minimum hd resolution which is 1080 or 720. A 42" plasma can only produce 1024x768.

LCD HDTV displays will have a higher resolution per same size comparison than plasma. The lowest resolution of a 40 inch LCD will be 1366 X 768 - easily full HD resolution in 1080i or 720p. A 42 inch HD plasma has a resolution of 1024 X 768. While this is not truly an HD resolution, it's close enough so that it's difficult to know the difference. A 50 inch plasma TV will have a resolution of 1366 X 768, while a 45 inch LCD displays 1920 X 1080 (1080P) resolution.

Those extra pixels and the production process of LCD HDTVs cost more money to produce. Expect to pay a third as much more for a similar size LCD TV than a plasma display.

If you look at the spec on the Prima it is at 1280 x 768 which is enough to display full HD. Is it certain that 42" plasmas can only produce 1024x768 which means there is an error in the page or now a days can plasmas produce this larger resolution

Any info would be great on the above and also your opinions between LCD and plasma, for the size i want, I cant see any other way to go other than plasma.



As far as I know all the 42" PRIMA brand plasmas are 1024x768, at least all the ones I looked at yesterday were.

The only 42" Plasma I have been able to find with resolution of 1366x768 is the new Panasonic 42" TH-42PX65. I Purchased one of these today (in China) and am waiting for it to be delivered tomorrow :) It seems it should be more suitable for HTPC (no rectangualr pixel issue) than the 1024x768 Plasmas. The Panasonic rep here said the 42PX65 should be in Europe in January.

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