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Was looking at 24" widescreens this morning and noticed something. Both the sony (lovely set yet the depth is too big for my room which is a damn shame as I'd have had it like a shot)24" and the Panasonic equivalent are £449.00 However the Toshiba (which also looked very nice and am tempted by that one) and the phillips (any opinions?) are only around £300.00 Is there any particular reasons for this or is it mainly "brand name" that pushes the price up? Or is it that the panny and the sony are "better" than the tosh and phillips?

Any one got any advice on those sets? Price doesnt matter too much but I can't go above 24" widescreen size due to space constraints unfortunately.

meath man

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theres no chance of you getting advice unless you provide the model numbers of all the tvs you mentioned :oops:

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