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I have been reading the excellent threads in this forum for a few weeks as i have bought a new house and looking at getting quality AV equipment which hopefully will meet all my needs for the next few years and have found most of the posts very useful/informative and helpful. I have noticed that despite Panasonic's introduction of the "free" 5 years warranty for "in-store" purchases people are still mainly trying to get JL to pricematch for their panasonic TVs and I haven't come across any posts re getting Panasonic to PM the likes of Empire Direct.

After eventually deciding on what i actually wanted to buy (i'm sure those of you who have already been there can remember the anxieties of those days and those who haven't made their decision yet can appreciate what i'm talking about!!!;)) I decided to pop into ED in Bradford and get them to give me their best price for the following :

Pansonic TH-50px600 CAB = £2835 (inc 5yrs Panny warranty)
DMR-EX 75 (MultiRegion) = £300 (inc 1+2yrs ext warranty)
SCHT-855 = £260 (inc 1+2yrs ext warranty)
delivery = £30
Total = £3430
The salesman said he would throw in a couple of RGB SCART leads but didn't have the TV in stock until possibly middle of next week so likely delivery would be after Xmas.

I then went to the [email protected] branch in Bradford and asked the guy there what he could offer. This took a couple of days with a bit of negotiating ( he wouldn't match ED's extended warranties) and a few phonecalls but he evetually came back with :

Pansonic TH-50px600 CAB = £2800 (inc 5yrs Panny warranty)
DMR-EX 75 (MultiRegion) = £300 (inc 1+2yrs ext warranty)
SCHT-855 = £260 (inc 1+2yrs ext warranty)
delivery + installation = £ 0
Total = £3345
He is also throwing in all gold plated leads ( 2 x HDMI + comp + optical) FOC aswell as a pack of 10 DVD RAM discs !!! :thumbsup:
He also said he would refund any difference if I found the TV+warranty cheaper anywhere else in a shop until 10th Jan but as the Panny warranty offer finishes on 24th Dec I can't see myself getting him to honour this.

Everything is in stock and delivery is expected on Weds 20th.

So for those of you having problems getting JL to PM (they don't do the 50" TV with the cabinet in my case) try your local Panny shop - like me you too could be smiling :clap:


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I tried to get them to price match empire direct when I bought my television but they wouldn't but there is never any harm in trying


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Nice. I just got a 50" px60 from the panasonic store. Didn't get quite as good a deal, but got a 5m scart for free, free delivery and installation, plus the free skyhd install/half price.
Payed £1999 for TV (bracket option)
£150 for SkyHD
£35 for 5m HDMI
Free for 5m Scart
Free DVD writer
Free install and setup of TV and SkyHD
Total £2184

So not as sweet a deal as you, but I guess I bought less so makes sense, anyway I'm still very happy with it. Not getting mine till 12th.


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Seems that both you guys got a deal at least.... which is what everyone likes....:thumbsup:

Please let us know how you get on with your set-ups... would love to hear how the Panisonics perform...:smashin:

I'm considering the Pioneer 507XD, still waiting for the price to drop below the £2k mark... nearly there.... then get a price match from my local dealer... Audio T or Seven Oaks as they hav said that they'll help with setting up and if I buy a complete package, they'll through in all the leads free...:D As to warrenty, I'm still not sure...:confused:

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