Pricecheck on Barcographics 800

The Belgain

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I have one of these and am thinking of selling it. It's in excellent condition (no noticeable burn on the tubes), and has 1200 chassis hours (tubes also have 1200 hours on them). Selling without screen.

How much roughly would this be worth?


under £1k somewhere..... depending on external condition and your location


The Belgain

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Thanks for the replies guys. If this is better placed in the CRT forum, could a mod please move it there? Or should I start another thread in the CRT forum?

Location is Cambridge by the way.

edit: oops, this is now in the CRT forum....I was too slow on the old refresh button I'm afraid.... ;)


Originally posted by The Belgain
If this is better placed in the CRT forum, could a mod please move it there? Or should I start another thread in the CRT forum?

Originally posted by Kramer
Moved to CRTs.


This thread is now in the CRT forum ;)

The Belgain

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Any other advice from other people? So does a price just a little bit below £1000 sound reasonable? Are these things normally reasonably easy to sell or not?

The Belgain

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Thanks robwells. Am I right in thinking that the Barcodata800 is a cheaper projector? What's the difference between the two?


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Maximum resolution is higher on the graphics 800, about 1600x1200 wheras the data 800 is about 1024x768.

Other than (i think) one board that handles the extra video bandwidth), and I think the lens on the graphics have this diagonal focusing thing (Shlufplig, shuntplong, shoutplug ?????) they are the same machine, same tubes, same case, same software.

In real life I can't tell you how much that's worth above a data, as I have a data too :)


Roland @ B4

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I'd like to hear a 10year old BG800 working at 1600x1200 :) (best call fire engine fiirst)
They are as Fibble says pretty much the same projector for home cinema. The maximum resoloution you can expect in 16x9 is 600 lines 700 is you are really good at setting up.
Proffesor Shiemflug's mother should have married Mr Diagonal Focus and made life easier for all of us.
The 800 is a brilliant first machine and when fed with a line doubler gives excelent results. People would do well to at least look at one when matched against a cheap LCD/DLP

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