Price reductions for D5 LCDs...when?


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I know this is ridiculously premature but I'm likely going to be making the jump into the projector world early next year...need to save up the cash.

From past experience, can anyone suggest when we might start to see price reductions on the new D5 projectors (like the Sanyo Z4)?

It would be frustrating to buy in January only to see the price drop in February :eek: :D



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I'd guess no radical movement for 12 months at least, the Z3/AE700 stayed fairly stable price-wise until new models were imminent. I bought the TX100 for 1K nearly 12 months ago and that didn't move until very recently, and even then not by that much.

Perhaps only if a HD DLP appears for around the 1K mark will there be any "external" factors to force a price drop.

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