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Hi all,

I was offered a 2 year old AV32R 7.1 EX (non bp192) with ALL the software options enabled, except MPEG (which is of no use to me, anyway) for 1550£.

What do you think of this price? Is it reasonable?

If I ever decide (would have to be on the near future, I guess) to go bp192 (no bypass) or DP, would go for an extra 600£/1700£ as I understand from this forum, and that would really hurt....

Any idea on the going second hand ratings for DPs, with all the bells and whistles?



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I think 1550 is over priced.... I would have expected something maybe around £900? Please correct me if I'm wrong....

DP's seem to go second hand for around 2-2.5K from what I've seen. Well worth getting though.....

Have you tried getting a price on a new AV32?

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