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I've decided I dont use my N64 at all any more so it will be going up for sale shortly as a bundle & just wanted to find out what sort of price I should ask for.

The bundle will consist of...

Mint Boxed N64 with Ram Pak, all cables, manuals & 1 Grey controller
2 official Nintendo controllers boxed with manuals (1 Blue, 1 Green)

Goldeneye Cart only
Lylat Wars Cart only
WCW Vs NWO Cart only
ISS 64 Boxed no instructions
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Boxed no instructions
WWF No Mercy Boxed mint complete
World Driver Championships Boxed mint complete
Jet Force Gemini Boxed (Bit tatty) complete
Turok 2 Boxed (Bit tatty) complete
Turok Rage Wars Boxed (Bit tatty) complete
F Zero Boxed mint complete
Zelda Ocarina of Time boxed mint complete

Think thats it, i might have a couple more games but cant remember off the top of my head now but will add anything else I find later today.

So what do you think would be a reasonable price for that little lot delivered???

In theory all you'd need to do is add one extra controller & you would have one of the greatest multiplayer systems ever made (Goldeneye, Turok 2, Rage Wars, F Zero X, Lylat wars & Jet Force Gemini all fantastic in 4 player, not to mention the hilarity of wrestling your mates after a few beers :D )

Thanks for looking guys & any advice.



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Well, as a guideline, I sold my unboxed console with Rampak, 1 x controller, mains & TV leads plus 4 unboxed games on here a few months ago. I got £25 inc delivery, but heard afterwards that the rampaks go for that price on their own on ebay.

Bearing that in mind, for what you've got and its condition, I'd be looking at £75 + shipping as a minimum. Have you had a look on ebay to see what sort of prices they're doing? Also, try I'm not sure if they still offer prices on a 64, but it doesn't cost to look.

Good luck with the sale :)


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I'd be very interested in Jet Force, Rage Wars & F-Zero should you decide to go separate :)


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Thanks for the advice ShayO, that was pretty much the price I'd had in mind to begin with so will check everything this weekend to make sure its all ok & see about arranging a listing :)


Will make a note & keep you posted, would prefer to try a bundle sale first & see where we go from there :)

Thanks again for the help.



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Soundwave said:
Will make a note & keep you posted, would prefer to try a bundle sale first & see where we go from there :)
I'd probably say as a bundle you'd probably get £40-50 before shipping judging by prevailing ebay prices. If it was split down you might get nearer to shay's suggestion.

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