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Jun 28, 2005
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I've no idea if such a thing exists or not, but I wondered if anyone else has this problem.

I find that whenever I want to buy something, whether it be a £15 DVD or a £1000 TV, I have to deliberate whether I actually need it or not, and if I can really afford it. Now this can go on for days, and I actually feel rather drained by the end of it. I go through stages where I've decided to make the purchase, and then I change my mind.

It might sound daft, but it's starting to get silly. Is it me or does anyone else suffer?
I don't, fortunately my wife does :D
I am a bit like that.

I can't buy anything without evaluating every option. What is the best? Where is the best place to buy it? Do I really need it?

Whereas my wife will realise she needs something, go down the shops and come back immediately with one. Is it the best she could of got, was it the best price? She doesn't care. She has one and is already using it....

Whilst a month later I am still making my mind up about whether a £7.99 digital timer to control the xmas lights is the best option. Or should I spend more on X10? What about a remote control power socket, might that be more useful? Is it worth converting the whole house to Lutron, or is that a bit OTT? Perhaps I should think about it a bit more in prep for xmas 2007...:suicide:
lol spent £1000 on a computer upgrade last night and just went through that exact same process.
Yep i've done this for weeks, made a decision, gone out and bought it, then started to torture myself again afterwards just to confirm my decision was correct. Perhaps its just the perfectionist in us?
I decide I want something, usually a new gadget or an equipment upgrade, don't need it but want it anyway. Usually do some research/homework to get best deal so I don't kick myself afterwards then purchase away! :D

Whether I actually use the thing once I've purchased it is a whole different story, hehe.

if i want it, i buy it, look for a good price if i can.....

i only buy stuff i know i'll need (when talking more than £20 anyhow...if its under £20 then i might buy the odd thing i dont really need but looks amusing)...

obviously i take time to decide with my AV/HiFi equipment as to which make/model i actually want, but thats the only decision, if i'm looking to buy it, once i find the one i want then i just pay up and take it home ;)
(or usually wait 3 days for the shop to get it from their logistics
generally I decide I need something and have a look around at what is available.

Then I'll have a research on some specialist forums. But as is always the case on specialist forums I am convinced to buy something top of the range as lesser [items] are inadequite.

Then I will spend ages searching for a "good price" and then I'll buy it when I find a price that i sufficiently good.

This is all stupid of course, because I never require the top of the range thing, so instead of going to the shop and buying a bog standard thing for 10 that will suffice. I spend 30 on a top of the range thing that "should have been 50".

Then there is what I call the ebay myth. Which is basically sumed up by the statement:

"it's a good deal, becuse I could sell it for what I paid for it on ebay"

Which of course I never get round to doing.
UPGRADEITIS: "I am generally happy with what I have until the next issues of AV magazines arrive, or I read AVF posts on new equipment - at which point the requirement for said equipment is born and and I suddenely realise I will die a horrible death unless said items are bought."

"When new is bought, old will be consigned to storage and will most likely never be sold, will just gather dust forgotten in favour of a new mistress - will not be long before thoughts of infidelity will creep in again however, and feelings of yearning will return.:rolleyes: "

I have been in the above situation many times for different types of things - all symptoms of an obsessive personality IMO. Just realise you are obsessing and stop yourself.

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