Price Difference Z1 & Z2.

richard plumb

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z1 is a freakish, half HD resolution, designed to look good for Japanese people watching HDTV at home, so the scaling is easy. Supposedly a good little projector.

z2 is a 720p projector, so the panel has a much higher resolution (1280wide instead of 950, 720 high instead of 544). Also improved contrast, lower noise etc.

Supposedly a very nice little projector. If you were going for one these days, the z2 is the recommended choice, but if you are shopping with a budget, the z1 is a good budget choice (see also Panasonic AE200)


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Thank for the reply Richard, I had a good look around last night read reviews in magazines and on the 'net. I think that it is worth stretching the budget a bit and going for the Z2.

I suppose it's true what most people say, that you get what you pay for.

I think what draws me too the Z2 more than anything is the capability of the lens shift. As I am about to re-decorate the living room, it's not quite planned out where everything is going to go. So either the PJ will be shelf mounted on the back wall or on a coffee table in between Two chairs.

Anyway, sorry to babble on, thanks again for the reply.



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I was under the impression that the Z1 had lens shift as well??


As Dapex has stated the z1 also has lens shift, i have a z2 and it is my first pj and i think it is great for the price even though i am now starting to get the upgrade bug ;)


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Hey Inzaman, what you thinking about upgrading to??? If you think about getitng rid of the Z2 let me know, I am not that far away from you to collect it if needed...



dapex, i am considering a dlp but need to demo again as i had a bit of eyestrain when i last demo'd. I would be tempted with the ht1100 but (flame suit on) i just cannot justify getting a 4:3 pj.

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