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Hey Guys! Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong section but i'd appreciate a hand off you lot..!
I'm contemplating selling my Wii and just curious how much i could get for it.
Here's what i have:

Nintendo Wii
2 x WiiMotes
2 x Nun-Chucks

Wii Sports
Wii Play
Zelda: Twilight Princess
NFS: Carbon
Tiger Woods 2007

I think that's everything! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot!


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if it's al boxed and in pretty much mint order with all the receipts i reckon your looking at about 240 ish maybe a touch more.. that without a delivery charge of course


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Christ! Only £240?.. I honestly expected alot more.. and yeah, it is all fully boxed just lacking recipets.

I think he's pulling your leg, put it on Ebay, £25 postage & you'll be breaking the £240 barrier easily IMO, especially with the fact there's still a stock shortage in this country. If nothing else you just lose a couple of quid listing it. Oh & maybe set a starting price of about £150 then sit back & watch the fight for it! could be fun! :D


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when i went to gamestation the other day and asked them what they were taking them in at the guy told me 150 trade in and 130 cash:eek: i was shocked also i endnded up flogging mine on fleebay, trouble is although it sounds like ther is a lot there you only have a console which comes in at 179.99 wii play with wiimote 34.99 two games 34.99 and a nunchuck 14.99 + 300quid give or take a few pence, general rule of thumb i find is you'll loose about twenty percent of that selling it so thats around sixty quid, and people do like receipts mate so i would expect hagglers.. sorry..


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