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Hi all,

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I am thinking about selling my Samsung 46" C750 3DTV. It has two pairs of 3D glasses.

Samsung fitted a new screen just before christmas and it's perfect. Very minimal bleed so got a good 'un :cool: Unfortunately (and the reason for my sale) we have two small children and one of them has very slightly scratched the screen. You can't see it but it is present so need that taking into account when putting a price on the classifieds. It's one of those hairline scratches if you know what I mean. I can't ask for offers as it's against forum rules.

We want something lighter so we can mount high up on the wall away from their grasp

Does anyone know how much I should be asking for it?



Amazon uk shows it as £699 so i'd think around £400/450.,
Best bet i would think would be to just start at £500 as with the glasses it is probly worth around that and then deal from there with a buyer.
I remember my c750 having a stunning 2d image.
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