Price check - sealed SNES


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A friend has a garage full of sealed never been used PAL Super Nintendo's, super scopes, games and accessories

Do you think they will ever be worth anyting ?


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yeahm he should try selling them on E-Bay, there are loads of people myself included who are interested in Retro gaming


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Brand new sealed machines :eek: - yes they are indeed worth something. To give you an example I payed £100 for a brand new sealed Super Famicom as they are extremely rare. I'm not interested in Pal Gaming but I would say you could expext around £70 per machine. £30 per Superscope (even though it was crap). £10 - £25 per game, depending on game. What accessories does he have. I would certainly be interested in some brand new Jopads becuase the Famicom ones are too short :(.

My advice would be to get that stuff on eBay now.


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Thanks for the replies

He's the guy that launched the SNES in the UK - he ran the big Nintendo truck that went round the country ? hence quite a few things left over

I will ask about a joy pad for you groundy


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Tell him to offer them on these forums first. :D

I'd be up for one - £40?

£50 with a Superscope? ;)


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I think he was trying to find out if he kept the things for another 5-10 years would they suddenly go up in value - tricky one to answer though


You say he has a few games - does he by chance have Super Bomber man (this first one) i lost my copy by lending it to someone and forgeting who - doh.


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