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    I'm getting ready to sell off a lot of my higher end equipment most the components I was able to price out most of what i have online but im having a hard time finding out a proper value for some of my cables and a couple pieces of equipment

    For the cables..

    I have a set of roughly 10ft long analysis solo crystal oval xlr cables.

    A set of 42" long harmonic technology magic link two xlr cables.

    And finally a 10' pair of audio advisor spadeterminal speaker wires. They are marked hand made by Randy.
    Cables say audioquest/cinemaquest granite psc/psc coppers double quadhelixes sst hyperlitz made in usa

    And these are the components I'm having a hard time finding a relative price for as they are a little harder to come by it seems.
    A theta ds pro basic iii with box.

    A proceed pdp3 with box

    And a krell kbl with box.

    If anyone knows a rough used value for these it would be greatly appreciated. Worst case scenario I'll put them on the auction block and see what they go for.

    Thanks in advance!

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