Price and release date for the Sony's KDL-40V2500 in Europe?


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I was thinking about buying myself a V2000 but since the V2500 are so close of being released, I might just wait for them instead. So are they released in September? And what will the price for them in Euro?

Also no plan for a 32" V2500?


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there is no confirmed price or release date

the V2500 hasnt even been announced yet

just people have spotted the codes in sony's listing and have been making guess' as to what the specs will be.

one thing to be certain though, there are only about 3 major LCD panel manufacturers, 1 of them being sony/samsung. The other being the ones used in Toshibas / JVC / Sharp etc. they are releasing a new panel in the new toshiba 68 series next month

you can bet sony and samsung prob wont be far behind.

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Lyris said:
Apparently there is but as the poster aboce said, nothing announced as of yet.
Oh what a shame, think it's worth it to wait for it instead of buying myself a 32" V2000 for 2000€? Or the 32" V2500 will be far more then 2000€?

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