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I am building an extension including a smallish family room in which i will hopefully be viewing a projector. The problem is I haven't yet decided which. However the work has progressed quicker than I thought and I need to wire on Friday. I would like to include cable runs etc that will enable me to ceiling mount the projector, power a screen perhaps and other as yet unthought through stuff, including audio. The room will be about 5.0m by 3.2 screen to be on the 3.2 wall. Both long walls will have light ingress from patio doors on one and french dors on the other.

Thanks in panic and anticipation


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OK not ideal but RUN S-video Component cables and DVi + VGA if possible to ceiling near backwall you need an idea of screen size you want and where you want to locate your kit the look at for speaker placement a run decent speaker cable to plain back boxes in wall. you could fit 13A sockets on ceiling and screen wall. I think this is messy but is easiest if you have no ide what PJ you are looking at!
You can run cables to a point about 3-m off back wall and put a small hatch, leave as much slak as you can so you can adjust for #PJ throw and plaster over hactch when all done.
IF in doubt run as much 75ohm video cable as you can and get it terminated when you need it. a trip to your nearest Custom installer for a bunch of cables may be in order, Where are you?
EDIT stick some CAT5 to ceiling and to near screen, always useful!!


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Im in Glasgow

I have access to a philips b2? that is quite good until i get the chance to audition. In as much asi have thought this through i am tempted by the ae500 but am concerned that short throw doesnt suit? i would like to fit proj in cabinet in next room with glass to see through if you know what i mean . this will mean throw dist of say 4.8m. screen size i would like is about 2m horizontal



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Although ive seen sim 2 proj i think, I'm afraid Im not in that high end? market. I feel the law of dimiishing returns comes in and think £1400? ish for ae500 is great value. For this reason may go for your hatch approach, or possibly fit screen housing in space between joists. Either way decision time imminent. Thanks for your help.


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You could always stick a good scart cable in too, can provide a bit of flexibility and means you may not have to worry about scart to component conversion.

Main thing is don't skimp on the quality of the cabling here, firstly they may well be long runs, secondly you don't want to have to rip everything up later because you plumped for cheap cabling. Stretch your budget and get the best you can afford, it'll be one thing you know you don't have to upgrade later. Probably have a word with the guys in the cable forum about specific makes/models.

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