Pretty sure my mates brother-in-law has bricked his iPhone

Saxo Appeal

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Guys if any of you can help it would by muchly appreciated

I have just received this message from him, sorry if it's a bit off grammar but he's a bouncer on a door and not very good at English lol

Here is his message:

'My iphone has just been updated to 4.1 and is now not recognising the sim, it comes up with insert sim to activate then doesn't recognise as a valid sim. I have tried a new sim etc, so I jailbroke it with limera1n it lets me in now but no signal, no carrier options, no carrier logo and network not available.
I have restored put it in dfu, tried again in and out of recovery mode. tried to install 3.1.3 using the shift button and changing the host it gives me error code 3194, I think even when I go into settings it usually says airplane mode carrier and wifi carrier isn't there I'm just left with the 2 options, I have had this phone for 6 months no problems and I bought it from a friend who told me it was pay and go so I presume the imei hasn't been blocked and if it is why didn't it happen long ago? I'm at an end with it and this is about as far as my limited knowledge can take me.

any help would be appreciated cheers dave'

So that's the message he sent on FB and I'm pretty sure after reading all that, his phone is well and truelly bricked lol

Jase Winter

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I had exactly this problem after using tiny umbrella to preserve my baseband, i'm not saying it definately was TU but it seemed likely to me. I took it to apple in the end as nothing would solve it, they gave me a replacement, went home, updated to 4.1, same thing, went back again the next day, they tried to blame my sim card even though it was working in another phone but eventually agreed to swap it again. They upgraded it in store no problem. A few weeks later I needed to restore, got rid of everything TU related on my PC, restored and had the same issue, this time after much hassle apple said my phone had somehow got locked to Orange France (i'm on O2 UK) and that it looked like it was an issue with O2 entering the serial number wrong for a replacement i'd had for a dead pixel. Long and short of it was that they sorted it again and this time it seems to have done the job, upgraded to 4.2.1 yesterday without any problems.

Hope thats of some help.

This was for an iPhone 4 and sounds like it could be a different issue actually but the the problem presented was the same.

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