Preserving battery life?


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My controllers drain their battery really quickly and I wondered whether there is a way to preserve the battery life. What I wanted to know in particular was whether its possible to turn both the rumble and speaker off?


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Buy rechargables - you can get them quite cheaply on ebay.

I've found that games that use the nunchuck drain batteries far quicker than games that don't.


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I brought this last month and it's come in handy

Energiser 15 Minute Charger

Have seen this charger for close to £40 on other websites.

The only thing I would say is that the rechargables dont seem to last quite as long as regular batteries but when they only take 15 mins to recharge it's not that bad a thing.

I have been playing a lot of SSX Blur which uses the nunchuck so maybe that would explain that though.


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Thanks - never noticed those settings!

Thanks for the tips for rechargeable batteries, I was hoping Nintendo would release some kind of rechargeable battery pack solution soon.

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