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Discussion in 'iPhone Forum' started by bransoj, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Not seen this app mentioned on here as yet so thought i would bring it to folks attention as its been really useful for me. Basically it lets you use iDevices as security cameras and then connect from your own wifi, remote wifi or mobile data signal to view the feed. Does audio feed as well, can be set to send alerts to you by push notification and/or emails if motion is detected and allows a two way conversation to take place should you need woman mentions checking in on her dog and telling it to be quiet as it was barking! Also you can control the options from the remote viewing device to switch various options on and off and if the device being used as a camera has front and rear cameras then you can switch between them. With the motion detection if its switched on and motion is detected then a short few seconds of video is recorded and you can watch it via the notification email to see what set the camera off.

    I've been using it with both my old 3GS and my iPad set up as cameras watching on my phone and had it set up whilst we were on holiday to keep an eye on things and mainly use it now to keep an eye on the dog whilst i'm at some great insights into what he gets up to when we're away! Could be a good use for any old devices you have tucked away in a drawer gathering dust!

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