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I just moved into a council flat (am in UK btw) and it's got prepayment gas & electric meters. I topped up the gas card & electric key and transferred into the meters. Now the boiler is on 24/7. I can't find the central heating switch so I think it's just the standard old fashion boiler maybe? But the boiler looks like a big white box with no settings anywhere on it! - just pipes in and out. The flat is always super hot - even when all radiators are turned off. The boiler is hot to touch.

Does anyone know how to turn off the boiler (without waiting for credits to run out). I just only need hot water for shower. But the boiler seems to be constantly on - burning gas 24/7.


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There is normally a seperate control panel that controls the timing for heating and/or water being on and it in turn controls the boiler's on/off, pumps etc. In almost all our properties its been no where near the boiler but in my childhood home it was next to it. Similarly what it looks like can vary massively depending on how modern it is.

Often on the boiler itself there is a flip down panel but it only has crude controls and timing is normally dealt with seperately.


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Post a picture of the boiler and any controls around the flat, someone will know or atleast point you in the right direction :smashin:
Or as Dejongj said, contact the councils repair team :lesson:

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