PremierShip football on Sat



Not really my area this one but here goes.

Nearly turned the garage into a home cinema room. Have Sky but would love to watch all the matches live.

I watch Man U (Sorry to offend certain people) every time they play in a local pub whether it's home or away on some dutch/german/french? channel. Think it may be CANAL +

How could I have this at home. What's involved etc..??

Thanks in advance for any help..

Same as 4th post in answer to "Adult on $ky" thread in this forum.
Depending on which Canal+, the dish might have to be pointing at Thor on 1 degree West though. If you got a steerable dish (rather than a fixed dish) you would be more flexible.
Would cost 200-300 quid for the receiver and another ton for dish/LNB, add yet another ton for a steerable system (dish positioner either built into receiver or separate + polar mount/actuator or H-to-H mount) . Also another ton needed for CAM (if not embedded into receiver) + card. Since , due to the EU's non open-skies policy, you cannot purchase a subscription with a UK address, you would have to use a pirate viewing card. Either your dealer/supplier would have to reprogram this periodically or you would need a programmer (30-60 quid) & access to a website or group publishing updated hexfiles.
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Chris Muriel, Manchester.
it is not that expensive, steerable dishes can now cost about £200. they might be manual rather than move when you change channels. you can get a card that costs £15 per month, they send you new codes each month. If they stop producing the codes you want you can return the card and you will stop payment.
The main cost is the digital receiver which you will have to buy either with a cam built in or one that comes with cam slots, i would find out what channels you want, what encryption they use and buy a receiver with the one you require built in. these cams can cost £80-£100. The company i know of can supply the receiver ,cam and card for a very good price. In fact you could get away without gettting a steerable dish and buy a fixed dish if yuou only want 1 degree west channes

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