Premiere Pro CS4 won't export to Canon XM2 - Blue Screen


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I've got a Canon Xm2 Camcorder and a copy of Premiere Pro CS4 and an older copy of P Pro V.7.

Both of which are fine at capturing from my camera but when I attempt to export the edited footage back to the tape things begin going wrong. The camera begins to record but looking through the viewfinder i see a blue screen, so although recording, it is in fact recording nothing.

Things I have done to rectify the problem:

I've tweeked the camera settings to ensure it's set to DV-In, bye the way it is connected via IEEE Firewire;

I've gone into the device control setting in Adobe PP and selected my device, although going through the list of types I have to select standard as the XM2 is not on the list;

I've updated Adobe just in case and installed the relevant drivers for my canon to be sure:

Finally, I have found a way to export comprimising the output quality somewhat. I simply export to an AVI file and then use the commonly though of as CR*P but in fact quite helpful Windows Movie Maker, which exports without any hassle.

Either this can be resolved by tweeking the Premiere Pro settings, or it's a great embarrassement for Adobe that you have to recommend Windows Movie Maker (the lowest of the low) to do the job properly. It's a crazy world.

If anyone can help me while I still have some hair left on my head, I'd be most grateful. Thanks

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