premiere 2 - flickering/strobing image in capture view window?


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i'm using a DV JVC cam connected with fire wire cable to capture video into premiere 2 pro.
I have a problem with the way the captured video is being previewed/shown on the capture window of the program.
It staters/strobes fast between a good picture to a one looking like it has a "polarized" effect aplayed to it.(mostly purple and green colors).
When captured - the video itself is all fine,the problem is only in the preview or while capturing.

The thing is I when I use the same set up,cable and camera and try capturing with premiere pro (an older version) everything is OK,so the problem looks like a program issue and not a hardware one.

Any idea how to fix this? it's very annoying capturing without using the capture window preview...

Thanks a lot


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Captures ok for me with panasonic gs500.You say it works with theold version do you still have that installed? if so that may be the problem it is recommended to uninstall previous versions .Having said that i run P/E 2 and pro 2 ok

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As you say - i don't see the problem in running both versions at the same time :rolleyes:
it's just seems as if they changed something with the driver that is used for the video preview ... it's a shame because every thing else works fine .


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I dont' either but it does state in an elements book that it is known to cause problems if you run with an earlier version installed.The fact I get away with it does tend to possibly shift the fault to your particular set up,. We can compare specs that might show something
XP 2 home edition
Intel4 3Ghz dual processor
1Ghz ram
1x drive 80Ghz
2nd ighrive 120Ghz
G-force 6200 428 Mb

editor gil

i'm using XP pro,service pack 2
Gforce 6600 with latest Nvidia drivers
MSI board
P4 3ghz
120 GB hard drive
1GB ram

i think it all got to do with some kind of driver though.
The only reason i don't want to just delete the older version of premiere i have is that i'm afraid i'm gonna loose some effects i installed.
I remember reading somewhere that some effects might relay on older versions installed and use the dll from the older folders :rolleyes: ?
Can you just copy and paste the effects folder from premiere pro to premiere 2?
The really annoying thing is that every other aspect of video rendering or watching is working fine in any other program i use - it is just this one "glithc" that makes me :suicide: trying to capture with premiere 2.

Of course i can always do the capturing with pro and than open the project with premiere 2,but that means waisting more HD space because you have 2 projects folders instead of one - am i right here?


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