Premature Samsung ps50q7hd Question :)


So, I've just bought my first HD set, it is primarlily for gaming, i wanted 50" size and this was affordable. I know it isn't top of the range and i know the pixel has a low density, but it's better than standard tv and i'm happy!

Anyway, i took my 360 into comet to get a demo and it did look ace, before i put a game in i could tell from the 360 dashboard that the colours were richer and definitely more vibrant.

I popped in a game, it looked better, maybe not as much as i expected but i'll know more when i have it home.

Anyway, my question is, when i did pop the game in it looked a bit dark, i've read about this before, all i ask is, is there a way to change the settings, whatever it may be i have to change and save it, so i have it how i want it.

Sorry if that question sounds a bit simple, but i'm so not technical, i feel by making this topic that some nice tv boffins will come along and tell me other stuff i don't know and need to know!



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Hi Toby,
This can be done easily via the remote:
1) Press the 'menu' button on your remote
2) Select 'picture' option then select 'mode' option
3) Pick the 'custom' mode and then adjust the picture settings ie.
Sharpness etc to your liking

I have this set and am having my installation completed this Thursday. I'll post my new set-up pictures and my best picture settings (as per using the DVE DVD Essentials calibation DVD) accordingly! :smashin:

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