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    This is my first Review.


    A team of comandos go into the jungle to rescue some american hostages form gurillas.But once they get there they find out they were set up.They head back and each one of the team members slowly gets picked of a an invisible enemy.Which kills for sport.


    This is the 3rd R2 release of Predator.1st Fox released the bare bones cut version and then they released the same bare bones edition as a box set with Predator 2.Demand from fans for an uncut version made Fox pull there fingure out and release the SE version.
    This is the ultimate edition of the movie Uncut,DD5.1,DTS sound and 2 Disks.


    The picture quality is exellent for most of the film.The start of the film at the camp is a little scratched and grainey and some shots of the sky from the jungle are also grainey.But apart from that the picture is fine.The film is presented in 1:85:1 format.The picture is identicle to the R2 bare bones release.

    The sound is a big improvement over the last version.The sound in the gurilla attack scene is amazing you feel like your in the battle.There is little difference in the DD5.1 and DTS track.

    Special Features:
    Disk 1:
    Predator Movie with remastered DTS Sound
    Audio Commentry featuring Director John Mctieran
    Text Comentry with film historian
    Scene access
    Interactive menus
    DvD Rom game (Alien vs Predator)

    Disk 2:
    Documentary: "If it bleeds we can kill it"
    Inside the predator -7 Featurettes
    Classified Action
    The unseen Arnold
    Old Painless
    The life inside
    Welcome to the jungle
    Charater design

    Deleted Scenes
    Special effects segments
    Predator camouflage test
    photo Gallery
    Predator Profile
    Interactive Menus


    The packaging is the usual fox slip case.You get a scene selection sheet and a special features sheet with it.Pity there was no booklet.

    All in all this is a great film given the treat ment it deservse.This is a film i recomend to every one.The only small problem is the picture.
    Buy it.

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