Predator : Is Region 2 butchered?


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With reference to :

"Having recently underwhelmed us with cut versions of TV series 24 and a butchered version of Predator"

does it mean my :

Predator - Special Edition (2 Discs) (5.1/DTS)

Is butchered? and the original R1 DTS version of Predator is still
the best on to go for?

I thought I was onto a winner!?? pls advise ..its one of my FAV



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Check out here

Apparently the original R2 was cut to shreds, but the spec ed is uncut.


With the original R2 release of Predator Fox mistakenly released the "cleaned up" airline print with around 30 odd cuts and swearwords dubbed over. The current 2 disc Special Edition is the full monty.


Got this for Xmas off the wife which was very nice but I have only had chance to skip through the chapters.

Is it my copy or are they all crap?

Even the start with the 20th Century Fox intro looks really grainy. I would even go as far to say it looks like an old VHS copy. Then the jungle scene where they first drop in looks like an old war film:confused: :confused: :confused:

Must be a poor copy and need to take back??:mad:


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It's a fairly early film, made on a relatively low budget. The appearance of grain is a virtually unavoidable feature where the original film was grainy. Indeed, it is a credit to the DVD system that film grain is visible. On the whole, VHS is unable to resolve film grain, although it often adds new grain of its own....


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Originally posted by wvoss
Then the jungle scene where they first drop in looks like an old war film

I thought this as well, I presume you are taliking about the scene where all you see is helicopters and jungle, no actual arnie et al.


I too noticed this problem with Jason And The Argonauts as in a lot of the scenes where there is special effects there is grain in the back ground. I too put it down to the clarity/sharpness of the DVD picture.


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Predator - Special Edition (2 Discs) (5.1/DTS) is shown in it full uncut glory.


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And WH Smith are doing it for less than a tenner. :D

Dick Scratcher

And HMV are doing a two-for-one thingy, which basically translates as a tenner too!

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