Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Gerard Magnier, 10th July 2010.
‘Precious’ was released in 2009 and was directed by Lee Daniels. Many of you may have heard of this title due to the fact that it picked up an award at this year’s Oscars and for the critical praise that is has received over the last couple of months. The movie charts the harrowing and unenviable life of Precious, an obese and illiterate sixteen year old from Harlem, NYC. Every single day is a struggle for survival and it’s only when Precious attends an “alternative school” that a ray of hope appears in her miserable existence. A story of hope, courage and spirit in the face of terrible adversity, this is not one for the faint hearted but is a very engrossing drama, with some stunning central performances and so comes recommended.

The transfer is for the most part dark and dingy, perfectly recreating the atmosphere of Precious’s horrendous situation. There is some good detail on show but some of the scenes can suffer due to the lighting choices and low contrast ratio. Like the transfer, the audio presentation is somewhat unspectacular, with very sparse use of the surround and subwoofer channels but this is not a mix that was designed to blow your socks off. The extras portion contains some worthwhile extras but some of the features are a little short lived. Overall this is a fine package and contains enough additional supplements and a solid audio/video presentation that should keep everyone happy.

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Good review and quite a good film I agree.. If I had a criticsm its the fact (like most American films of this style) it often treads far too heavily into melodrama which destroys the work up to that point.. Fish Tank does it all so much better..


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"As Precious (in the movie) finds her situation transitioning from worse to downright unbearable, I found myself becoming slightly detached from the central character as things just became a little too unbelievable (perhaps this is a factor of my sheltered existence)."

Yup dude - I have to agree. I haven't seen 'Fish Tank' but I'll check it out :)


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Just watched this last night and then came and read the review, which is great thanks. I think I woudl bump the film slightly higher to an 8 (although I guess this is nit-picking) as I didn't feel divorced from the character for those reasons, and didn't think that the film strayed too far from what might be reality for some people....I guess, perhaps, putting a life-time's worth of darkness into a 2 hour film might make it look 'over-egged'

The 'fanatsy' sections were a bit hit and miss in some respects. The first one comes at a time when I think anyone would probably try and fantasise about being somewhere else.....and that's all I'll say to avoid spoilers.....but some of the others later in the film felt slighty, 'tacked-on'

Can't say I enjoyed it, as it ain't that sort of film, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see something a little grittier and thought-provoking

......although, if you are of a suggestive nature, I wouldn't go and see your grandparents the day after.....unless they aren't offended by you shouting "mother_******"...... a couple of times in every sentence...:D
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