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hello. newbie here. I'm planning on buying either a preamp or a receiver. which one should I invest on first? I like to have at least 4 speakers minus the subwoofer. Also, it should be able to handle cabinet speakers. Thanks for the time.


Distinguished Member don't need both!!

only need a pre-amp, if you're going to use a power amp.....a receiver is both pre/power amp in 1 box.


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As mjn says if you get an AV pre-amp you will also need a power amp. However also note that AV pre-amps are way more expensive than AV amplifiers or AV receivers (receiver = amplifier + tuner).
So depending on your budget that leaves you only the option of an integrated unit.

Furthermore I recommend to have at least 5 speakers (2x front, 2x rear and center) and a subwoofer. A subwoofer is a "must" for any serious AV setup and usually will improve the system performance, especially when using a budget AV amplifier/receiver.

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