Pre-Wired Surround Sound in New House


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I recognise the red/black speaker inputs but there appear to be only electric cables coming out of each of the 4 corners of the room.
Am I missing something here or can I buy a surround sound system and just connect up the speakers?



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I'd be 99% certain that they are speaker cables it's just that they have used 3 core flex instead of speaker cable, exactly like i did in my old house.

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Of course if your unlucky and your the 1% those could be live cables!

Shut down your house at the fuse box, get the ends of the cables insulated using tape then repower and use a mains checker to prove the cables are not live!

Once you know they aren't you can trace them back to the spk wall plate and then work out what you do for a centre channel???

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Didn't the builder or developer leave you any instructions or guidance as to what they'd installed?

More to the point, did you ASK for high-level speaker mountings to be pre-installed? I'd be hoppin' mad if someone foisted them on me without asking first....


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From the looks of things they've not included a centre channel or an HDMI? I only see scarts but it's not totally clear, but if that is the case it's pretty poor spec for brand new. I'd be tempted to keep the rear cables for the surrounds but you may well have to run an HDMI & speaker cable up the fireplace if that's the intended TV location.

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I think New to the OP is not New build :)

Mind you the ‘home cinema’ wiring in most new builds is no better and usually has to be replaced and often the installer wont hand over wiring info.


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