Pre purchase question re remote control and multiple TVs


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Thinking of purchasing a pair of Philips 55OLED806 TVs, one in the living room, the other in the dining room which is visible from the kitchen.

Open plan house, TVs would be close to each other facing the same way, so pressing the remote control, the signal (IR I presume) could very easily be received by both TVs which I don’t want. Can each remote be paired specifically with just one of the TV’s. Or are all the TVs generic and therefore would respond to either remote?

Remote A only operates TV A
Remote B only operates TV B

Also have a Logitech Harmony remote, so would want to program the TV’s on that individually.



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The majority of commands are being emitted via IR, only voice control features will be carried via BT/BLE. Hence, if there's a direct line of sight between either of the RCs and both TV sets, both TVs will respond to the IR commands since the protocol is generically understood by all recent Philips TVs.
This would even apply if you had 2 different models.


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Thanks, not the answer I wanted, but the one I expected.

Presumably though if I had a Philips and another brand LG for example, then they wouldn’t interact.

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