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I currently have a Yamaha RX-V479 receiver, with two wired tower speakers, a center speaker, a wired subwoofer and two wired surround satellite speakers.
Just moved into a new place, so was thinking it would be nice to start to go wireless.
I was considering upgrading to an RX-V485, and buying 2 Musiccast 20 speakers to use as surround speakers.
I would continue using the rest of my wired speakers for now and then upgrade later.
Is that feasible? If I use them as surround speakers, can they also be used for other Musiccast functions?
Also - if I add Musiccast speakers after and put them in different rooms, can different music streams play on different speakers?


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Musiccast speakers can be used indepently yes.
If you are happy with your existing amp you would only need to add the WXC50 to give full musiccast sync functionality throughout your system. Changing to a musiccast amp is effectively doing exactly that. Obviously check that the WXC50 has all the inputs you require as only audio routed through it will be in sync.

The short answer is yes, its totally feasible.


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Yamaha only facilitate 2 wireless MusicCast surround speakers and a MusicCast sub so if looking to eventually replace all your speakers with wireless speakers then this isn't possible if using a Yamaha AV receover and Music Cast speakers.

You cannot have an entirely wireless setup using MusicCast and a Yamaha AV receiver.

Also note that you cannot facilitate MusicCast surrounds via the WXC50.
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Bertie A

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Hi. I'm planning to do something very similar to Microfiche. I have a Yamaha RX-D485 AV Receiver which is MusicCast enabled so I want to replace my wired rear speakers using two Yamaha WX 010 MusicCast speakers. I will keep my wired front towers and centre speaker.

Microfiche... did yo uhave success with your plan?

Anyone else see any problem with my plan?


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Hi - newby to this forum. I am doing the same thing and purchased 2 x WX-010 to add to the surround sound set up for rear speakers. After hours of trying to integrate them into the music
cast app and requesting assistance from Richer Sounds where i Bought them, I finally twigged that this just cant be done! So returning these 2 speakers and purchasing the Music Cast 021 at £60 each more expensive -grrr. Why would Yamaha release a speaker under the Music Cast banner and NOT make them surround sound compatible? PS there are not 20's anywhere in the country at this time.

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