Pre-owned BF3 - cheapest way to get online pass and Back to Karkand

Matthew Attoe

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Hi everyone,

Most importantly - Merry Christmas!

Bought BF3 limited edition pre-owned today from Game at a bargain(ish) price of £24.98.

However, the codes inside the box appear to have already been used by the previous owner (wish Game had said something about this - didn't realise I was only buying the single-player game in effect).

So, what is the cheapest/most cost-effective way of buying the online pass/Back to Karkand package to give me basically what I would have gotten with a "new" version of limited edition? i seem to be able to get the online pass for 800 MS points, but does this also give me Back to Karkand as well?

As an aside, they also had MW3 for £27.98 pre-owned if anyone is interested.

Again, seasons greetings,

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TcT Sid

Its probably best to take it back and try to get a refund. GAME have it new online for £24.98 for the normal version, unfortunately this wont get you B2K free as only LE's got B2K. The online pass is 800 Microsoft points and B2K is 1200 points, so you're looking at around £15-16 in points alone.

Your only other chance is picking up a Limited Edition code in the classifieds here or somewhere like Ebay.


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Try eBay,or the classified section on can pick the code up for as little as a fiver.I did a month or so ago.


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Matthew Attoe

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Taken the gam back and got a refund and then bought it new for exactly the same price (from Argos, as I could get it straight away).

Thanks again,


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