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Pre-owned 360 from Game died after 10 months - where do I stand?


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Got a 360 from Game back in January, paid £150 for it at the time, and now 10 months later it has died flat on its back. Just powers off after a little while.

Does anyone have a similar experience - I still have the store receipt, but wonder if the warranty would be more than 6 months as it was second hand?

I would have expected it to last longer than 10 months, or it wouldnt have got purchased to begin with to be quite honest.

anyone got any idea or advice?



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A friend of mine rang microsoft when his preowned 360 got the rrod and they wanted £60 to fix it :confused:


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Its very unlikley you got a 12 month warranty on 2nd kit from game - I got 3 months on my Wii (which hasnt broken yet in 12 months - probally to the lack of Anything good to play on it )

Talk to them but I would suspect its not going to happen.

So you can - try it with microsoft and forget to mention its 2nd hand maybe
or if you a bit techy
Crack it open and replace the Xclamp with some 5mm bolts on the GPU cooler which is what fixed mine.


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hhhm - second thoughts, just found this, which I didnt see previously...

Preowned FAQ - GAME.co.uk

GAME - Preowned: FAQ

Will my Preowned console have the cables/leads needed, and also come with a controller like new consoles do?
Preowned consoles may not come in the original packaging, but as with mint hardware, will come complete with everything required to play the console out of the box.

Do I get a guarantee with my console?
Our Preowned consoles have the same 12 month guarantee as new consoles.

seems I might be in luck after all...

their website states there is no difference between buying new and preowned with their T&C's!


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I know a lot of people complain about Game, but their customer service is generally excellent when you have a faulty product.


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Was going to say, i got a second 360 from game, a used one, and was told 12 month warranty... I would imagine they will just swap it...


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Was going to say, i got a second 360 from game, a used one, and was told 12 month warranty... I would imagine they will just swap it...

unfortunately, before i realised I may have a chance at getting it exchanged, i got an Elite - so dont even need the new one now. Wonder if they give credit in exchange instead - that might be pushing my luck...


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10 months in and the console died....

they gave me £150 back :) result.

they tried to give me a replacement Core, or the trade in price of a core, which was £40.

I argued the toss, spouted some nonsense, and before you knew it, £150 smackers in my hand.

goes to show dont accept what they offer at first.

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