Pre-out into a Pre-amp ?




I have a denon 3802 which I would like to connect to a
Musical Fidelity F25 pre-amp and F16 poweramp to improve stereo plaback. I was going to use the pre-out ( L / R ) of the 3802 into the AuX input on the pre-amp but I'm not sure if i'm at risk of damaging the pre-amp?

If this will work ok great! if not is there a way I can get this lot hooked together properly ?

Also ... any advice on setting levels once I have it connected together ? I have a SPL.




Your thinking is correct. Select aux on the pre amp when you want a movie. The difficulty is setting the pre amp volume. In my pre, the bolume pot is stepped, so i can set the pre volume to the same point every time. To calibrate..... set the 3802 doing its test tones, then adjust the pre amp volume until the front channels match. Easy peasey. Alternatively, set the pre volume to a spot you can remember (so you can set it there every time) and adjust the 3802 until it matches.



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I've just connected my processor through a pre amp for the same reason. In my case the manufacturer recommended using the tape in for the pre outs from the processor. This works fine but to set it all up you have to be able to fix the volume of the preamp at a known repeatable volume. in my case I have a small dot on the preamp which consistently seems accurate. Some preamps have a fixed gain pass thru. Use that in preference if you have it.

Once it's setup set the pre amp to tape monitor, set the volume of the preamp as described above, then the processor works exactly as before. (Don't forget to calibrate it once it's set up though!!)

In my case the benefits of the preamp far outway the slightly inelegant solution.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the quick response guys, I'm gonna go try it out now.


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