Pre-Orders - Best Place ?


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I would probably pick Gameplay because I think the postage is a bit cheaper(and i'm a cheapskate). I'm not sure if this has changed now as the last thing I ordered from Game was last year.


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Gameplay.....they've always arrived the day before official release :D (pre ordered games that is ;) )


When I pre order I use whichever is:

a) either the cheapest
b) has a free gift I want
c) if all same I just get it somewhere where I get decent reward points

Usually end up using Game, HMV, Amazon or


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When do all of the above mentioned sites charge you? I want to pre-order Test Drive Unlimited but don't want to be charged until the game ships.


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I order from a mix, but I mainly order from, Game and GamePlay.


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I usually order from and i just hope i get TDU on time with them.


I second Gameplay. All pre-orders have arrived at least a day before. :thumbsup:


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I tend to go on price, but if Gameplay is the same as everyone else then them, as it's great getting it one day early. So I've got Dead Rising coming from Gameplay and Lego Star Wars from Play. :thumbsup:


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Personally I would have to say Gameplay for pre-orders, that’s where I'll be doing all my pre-orders this year (Dead Rising, Sonic (I’m a big kid I know :)) Gears of War, Nintendo Wii, and a few others) because they do tend to arrive a day or so earlier than the official e release date, they also charge the same as places like Amazon, Game and but also their first class posting is only about 99p which is pretty cheap


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Thought I would post to say that this weekend Game are doing free postage so if there is anything you want to pre-order I would do it quick.


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I've never had any problems with amazon for pre-orders (apart from the 360 hardware). They are normally cheap but don't often dispatch games for launch day, gameplay are the best for that.

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