Pre-order or not?

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Ok as everyone is aware a pre-order system is in place for ps3 and has been for just about every big console launch. But is there anyone that would rather it be a first come first serve i.e go into a store on release day and just buy it? So no pre-order system.


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No, cause shops will be packed, chaos could break out etc. And it is still first come first serve, just in pre-ordering. Also if you pre-order you can try another store if theres no pre-orders left, where as on the day you would be sprinting from shop to shop trying to find a ps3.

Mad Johnny

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prefer pre order as walk in has all sort of issues such as security,ie walking around at 12:00 at night getting home and especially for those who want more than one console!


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Neither, as it's too expensive


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Much prefer pre-order, especially online. Saves all the hassle to going in store and paying a deposit and picking it up etc. The only problem is that you are at hostage to the sites who may or may not decide to give you the console on launch or not send them out in order (Amazon are you reading this!?)


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i dont need to pre-order as i get one from work(sony centre);)


So you work in a Sony Centre in Portsmouth? I live in Southampton. Do you have a preorder list for the PS3 and if so:
Can you tell me honestly, will you have enough consoles in stock prior to launch date for every person on your preorder list or will some people on that list have to wait a few weeks before you restock? Can you request any number of consoles from sony's distribution centre(s) or are you going to be limited to begin with? If so, how many? Will there be a deposit to pay before hand?

Edit- Thinking about it preorder delivery's probably would come out of the store would they, instead straight from distribution?


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I go with a good pre order system as just selling them on the day in shops would see a mass panic! Also with online you have to pre-order.

It just makes it a lot tidyier as shops can try and at least manage expectations with a pre-order system - i.e. if someone puts their name down then the shop will hopefully be able to give them a fair idea of whether they will get one or not.

Personally I will not be even attempting to get a PS3 at launch and the whole thing will pretty much pass me by. I guess i'll be too wrapped up in Gears of War, Forza 2 and PES6 at the time to notice anyway. For those that do want one i'd order from Woolworths or instore with Game as they seemed to come out of the 360 launch the best. I wouldn't touch Amazon with a barge pole after the debarcle they made of things and the likes of Play, Gameplay and the DSG (especially the online side) didn't really perform that well either.


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CAS FAN said:
I wouldn't touch Amazon with a barge pole after the debarcle they made of things
Oh be quiet,you got a £10 voucher out of it.:D

Seriously,do not order with amazon.


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i-bert said:
Oh be quiet,you got a £10 voucher out of it.:D

Seriously,do not order with amazon.
Indeed, seeing as I don't want a PS3 Amazon may well be a good bet for me :D. I can then just moan and get another £10 voucher when they fail to deliver and send any boxes they get to people who ordered on November 16th instead lol:).

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