[Pre-Order] LOTR:ROTK < £8!!


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DVDSoon have this up for pre-order for the rather insane price of £7.85!

Released 25.5.2004 but its worth ordering now for this price!
Lord of the Rings - return of the King

Click here for more! :clap:


And there was me thinking that there had been a shortage of "proper bargains" around here recently.

Good spot mate. Just ordered mine:smashin:


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ta very much - didn't cost me anything because I was in credit with them apparently!!! Also picked up Kill Bill.


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This must have been a mistake that they fixed, it's £11.25 now.


Bah, that was annoying. I went to the site a few minutes ago, saw it at 7.85, went to create an account as i have never used DVD Soon before, got all the way to click on Buy Now after I had entered my address and credit card details.

It then disconnected me from the site so I instantly went back in and the price had gone up!!

Talk about bad timing! :(


How do you guys spot these bargains so quickly - like this one looked to be at the cheaper price for barely an hour . . . !!!!


DVDSoon is a bargain-hunter's dream. They seem to put up really low prices at first, so if you can catch them, you can get some unbelievable bargains.

Come to think of it, it's probably intentional. Sell a couple dozen DVDs at cost (or less) to generate buzz, then put up the price.


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yep, its pretty much pure luck. I just stumbled across or, ordered and posted here :D
The prices at Soon seem to go up and down almost on a daily basis giviing some cracking bargains (but can also be hugely frustrating to find a disk you ordered yesterday is not a fiver cheaper today!!). Its just a case of keeping an eye out (for mainly pre-orders) and being...well....lucky!


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Two bargains I got early from DVD Soon were Angel Season 3 for about 17 quid and the second Sherlock Holmes collection (the Basil Rathbone ones) for about a tenner :smashin:

227 BHA

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Pre-ordered Matrix revolutions 3 days ago for $23.98 and its already gone up to $25.98!
Also, got a bargain for the kids - preorder on a new Power Rangers dinothunder dvd (not out til June) only $13 (just over a fiver delivered!)


But what about postage costs, assuming free postage is not being offered when it comes into stock you would pay and extra..$?
Still, a great price


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no, your charged when you order from DVDSoon, so they take your money now, and ship it when released. :D


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I chose the standard delivery which was free. If its anyting like other DVDs I've ordered from non UK then I would be looking for a max of 10 days and more usually a week.



Thanks for the heads up

ordered mine £11.03 & standard delivery

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