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I am looking at Virgin Media BB but have some setup questions.

As background, I have FTTC now with BT master socket in garage. Both phone and data fed to my comms rack via cat5e. Then data lead to UniFi USG and phone lead into the patch panel to route to desired room socket.

1. how much latitude have the installers when doing the street to house connection? The street box is outside my living room and would involve cable under grass. The Openreach copper line comes into my garage under block paving. Ideally I’d like the connection into garage.

2. I understand that the virgin phone service requires connection to router now. Can I plug TEL1 into my patch bay then phone into lobe in the desired room?

3 how many sockets does the setup need? Is it just one for the virgin router which I would put into modem mode?

Thanks in advance for any info provided.


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I asked for (and got) a pre-install engineer visit so I could check that what I wanted was ok, he left me some conduit and I buried that myself so that install was exactly where I wanted it. Plenty of reports of shoddy laying of cable etc etc, think it just depends who you get, so I was taking no chances.
Modem/Router is just a single socket (although like others, I have it in modem mode and use a different router, as you are planning). If you are getting TV, need one for set-top box also.
I didn't know about phone only via modem, I still have a separate phone line, but i can't see why your plan wouldn't work.


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From my experience most installers are reasonably flexible as long as you are nice to them and what you are asking isn't going to take too much time. As above, if you bury conduit then unless there is a problem they will use it. I have my equipment in the loft but I ran the cable myself, the checked it and used it even going into the loft which they can be funny about.

Don't know about telephone if they plan on hanging it off the router I guess they will test it at the router before they leave and the rest is up to you.

The superhub takes one power socket.

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