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I'm currently running simple set up of Yamaha HS5's through a DOUK Audio Pre-Amp (Link below). I've just bought a second had pro-ject debut 3 to add to the set up, and the volume is very low even when everything turned to the max, which I'm assuming is due to the pre amp not having enough power to convert the sound enough.

Please can someone give me some advice on whether there's an easy fix for this, or whether I will need to invest in a more power pre amp/amp?



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You will need a dedicated phono preamp/stage to go in between the turntable and the douk preamp. This will not only boost the signal from the cartridge (4mV to approx 0.5V) but also apply the RIAA filter (do a google) that is needed to read the data properly off the record. These can be had from £25 - £25000+.

Examples are Behringer PP400, Art DJ Pre II, the various Project Phono boxes, Rega Fono mini A2D and a bit up the scale Tisbury phono and IFI Zen Phono.

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