PQ Sports UHD - Amazon Vs BT Vs SKY


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Hi guys/girls
For those who watch a lot of sports i wondered what your feedback was on the above channels simply on PQ.
I have all of these channels running through my Sony Oled and this is my personal feedback:

BT Sport UHD - In my opinion - head & shoulders above all sports channels currently broadcasting - the picture quality is phenomenal and i can honestly say this is the clearest image apart from bluray that i have seen live on broadcast.
ball movement - panning shots/close up imagery is sharp & detailed.

Sky Sports UHD - very good & solid but not does have the detail that BT sports UHD seems to have. PQ alone this is second place.

Amazon Prime - i was disappointed with the football on this 4k channel - i have a very fast virgin BB line 200meg. the streaming was ok without stalling but the PQ was not up to sky or BT standard - i would say it was above 1080p content but nowhere near 4k - reading on here i also see similar feedback on Amazon.
i was even triple checking wether there was a dedicated 4k amazon sports channel which i did not manage to find.....

would be interested to hear feedback!


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This is very interesting to hear. I am leaving Virgin at the end of the month to go with Sky, so therefore I will be losing BT Ultimate. I hope Sky can offer this channel in the future.


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i think you can purchase BT as a SKY customer but i could be wrong.

do you also watch BT UHD currently on your virgin setup? if so you will be sorry to lose it!


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BT Sport steaming is excellent IMO the PQ is superb with a bitrate of around 50mbps, Amazon is also good but suffers from a bit from jerky panning and something like aliasing that i don't get with BT.

Sky UHD I've never seen.


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BT Sport and BTS Ultimate is/are head and shoulders above any other on demand service. On my Sony TV Amazon Prime is garbage but there have been varying reports of its quality depending on the device one owns. Some good, some bad. General opinion of Sky Q is that its pretty solid, but I've never had one.


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Couldn’t argue with the OP, got them all and rank them in that order! :thumbsup:


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Yes, it's definitely -

BT Sport - excellent and none better.

Sky Q - reported as solid.

Amazon - poor to middling depending on device.

The ironic thing about Amazon is that they use BT for their 3rd party distribution network and also the same production company, Sunset & Vine. So if BT can get it so right why can't Amazon?


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Amazon is excellent on my LG OLED's built in app. The HD is better than BT's HD on my Sky Q box.
For some reason they haven't done any UHD HDR matches in the last couple of rounds.


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Football on Prime using my 4K Firestick looks fantastic this evening, as did the match earlier on BT Ultimate on the V6 box.


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Well, watching Tottenham V Fulham, for the first time ever the football PQ on Prime looks great on my Sony 4K TV. Theres no jerkiness whatsoever. Decent HD picture as well with no grain to be seen. Whereas before there always has been for both. Nice.

Which makes me wonder why can't they do this all the time? BT Sport does.
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slightly OT question please:
I am thinking of switching from Freesat to BT TV, probably not for the full sport package but just the entertainment package in HD - the £17 a month package with HD.

Would PQ be as good as Freesat?

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I feel differently on Amazon in particular...

Amazon Prime 4K/UHD - Fantastic when streaming live football. Genuinely the best live 4K sports content available IMO.

BT Sport UHD - Very good too, on par with Amazon Prime.

BBC 4K (on the rare occasion) - My only experience was very good.

Sky Sports UHD - Disappointing. Noticeably lower quality compared to the others. Genuinely don't notice much different between their UHD coverage and HD coverage.

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