PQ: Plasma using HDMI vs CRT (progressive)


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Well, if I were now to decide between a Pioneer Plasma hooked to a PIoneer DVD player via HDMI, and the best CRT progressive capable and a progressive dvd player, based exclusively on picture quality, which one would be the winner?

I am asking this out of curiosity, not having the opportunnity to make the comparison myself, and also because it is for me hard to believe that dvds could have better PQ than what I see through my Sony FS76 36' and Toshiba 220e through RGB.

And I am not including in this comparison, for the obvious reasons, projectors and the like.

Bottom line is: Can a Plasma, using HDMI, give a better picture than a CRT ( a progressive capable one, I guess)?


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Thanks jdl, but I do not know if I want to...just bought the FS76 a few moths ago:D

Any other views? Is this a farewell to good ol' CRT and hello to Plasma + HDMI, at least for DVD viewing?


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At the risk of starting an argument, I'd say that the colour resolution of plasma leaves much to be desired at the moment, and is no where near CRT in this respect. I only say this having recently purchased a panasonic 42 inch plasma so that I've got something to watch when the rooms to bright for my PJ. The plasma definitly suffers from excessive banding in comparison to both the PJ and my old sony KL50.

Of course this could just be setup (I haven't had a chance to really dig at it yet).



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well it a big yes and no to your question realy. what makes the plasma look great is its size for one.(bigger and better and all that)

if we had a CRT the same size without geometry issues then the CRT probaly would be the better by far.

HDMI does not provide that much of a better pic just because its HDMI, fist view of the pioneer combo was a bit of a disappointment realy.
i would say HDMI is the future but its not realy the present.

What u do get is less pic noise. but a good component feed can look just as good and give for sum reason slightly better pic detail.
I had a 503HDE and while colour was vibrant, it was not accurate as a CRT would be.(lets not talk blacks either)

plasma is a case of what your willing to live without, for the bigger pic


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Ah I think I have a problem, getting some very odd effects on the avia brighness setup, have to try switching to a different interface card in the panel as its looking quite poorly at the moment (I hope it isn't the panel itself). So maybe the colour res isn't as bad as I've been seeing...


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