PPV problem with UFC 70


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Anyone else not able to watch tonights Ultimate Fighting Championships on Setanta PPV? Im getting really sick of Virgin, first the loss of Sky, and now I cant even watch the only other reason I keep my cable for....I was willing to pay their £15 fee to watch this event, but now I cant


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i totally agree what a bunch of t..ts vm are rang up to try sort out what was going on with service when i said that i wasnt happy as had a load of people round to see it the guy on the other end actually laughed and just kept saying nothing he could do . Another reason to bin them and go for sky i think:thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow


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I managed to get the fight on virgin last night!
the picture quality was really Crap!!!
But all i can say to you guys who did not manage to get see it, is make sure you see the fight on Bravo Tonight.:clap:


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nice one didnt realise on bravo tonight . just spoke to someone from vm :D :D :D made me die he could hardly speak a word of english and didnt seem to know what pay per view was .About time they brought customer services etc on the weekends back to an english speaking country so at least they can understand us when we have a problem...:lease: :lease:

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Just checked the EPG on its only a program about MB. Last night was excellent best thing I have ever seen! :smashin:

The coverage last night was by HBO and not Spike TV, bravo mainly only cover Spike Tv stuff. :confused:


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no i missed the fights!!

i was checking bravo thinking it would be available...

didnt know it would be PPV!!

anyone know when the repeats are?


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Well I heard that its not going to be repeated on Bravo, last night was it!

Did see a clip on the net of part of it though

still cant get no answer's form vm t..ts ( customer services):D about when they might actually show the ufc 70 again does anyone out there know :lease: :lease: still dont know any results so dont tell me :lease:

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