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Aug 22, 2003
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Can anyone (Jeff or Alan especially!) publish the settings they have used for some time now in powerstrip to produce a new resolution profile for 1280 x 720 ?

I've got a Domino30 but I think the same settings would also work for the HT300 series as well.

Reason I ask is that I'm a bit paranoid! I had hooked the PC up to my Domino30 for periodic use, using the VGA input, and had managed after much trial and error to make a resolution profile on powerstrip that got me 1280x720p @ 50Hz running fine. Away it ran with no probs for a good couple of months then one day, when the projector was approx 9 months old (I think about 250 hrs on it only), I had a problem with "dropped" frames, where every so often an entire frame or two would drop out - no matter what source, PC, DVD, S-video were used, in fact the internal test signal displayed the same phenomena. SIM2 kindly had a look and although they couldn't reproduce the problem swapped the lamp and I think they swapped a colour wheel sensor and the Domino has been fine ever since - unfortunately they couldn't explain the cause of the problem. Since then I have not even connected the PC up (!) as I am in complete paranoya & managed to convince myself that perhaps fiddling with porch settings and frequencies in Powerstrip might have "upset" the projector in some way.

I don't use the PC much anyway, but it would be nice to connect it up as I like to project digital pics on screen for slideshows when entertaining.
I am trying out differing resolutions on my sim2 at the mo don't know if anyone at all has any tips?
I got fed up tinkering and moved the pc back upstairs!

Might get a scaler now though,although if i do that am thinking about H79 to replace my old sim2.
philb said:
I got fed up tinkering and moved the pc back upstairs!

Might get a scaler now though,although if i do that am thinking about H79 to replace my old sim2.

Careful Phil, you might wake up next to a horse's head in your bed :D

Come on Jeff...please please !! :lease:

No, seriously, can you tell us what settings work best, are stable and are definately going to be safe with various SIM2 models.

I think some of us feel a bit "in the dark" or uneasy about "fiddling" with Powerstrip settings, I know I certainly do.

Can "fiddling" with powerstrip's settings actually cause any damage to the projector or it's circuits or lamp?

Can anyone explain exactly what the front / back porch thingy's are? I only thought I had one porch on the front of my house, now I'm really confused!

Or can SIM2 recommend full powerstrip settings or provide known "safe" profiles?

Hope you can help,


Sorry for the delay in replying.

I'm not using Powerstrip so I can't offer up any settings.

Doh! Sorry to pester you on that one Jeff! :oops:

I just assumed you would be using Powerstrip.

So how do you (Jeff) set your HTPC up to match the native resolution of the projector then, or is it that your PC comes "ready set up" for 1280x720?

As you've read above, I became a little paranoid about trying to achieve native resolution after the problem we had, although I'm sure someone is going to tell me the two events are unrelated...
For 1280X720 I wwould use the nvidia setting from my graphix card.
Click on the nvid icon then screen resolution and 1280x720 is there.

Assuming you have nvid card?
Which card do you have? Or do all nVidea cards have 1280x720?

Maybe people could make a list of cards that work well at 1280x720?

(Hmm, sorry mods, this thread is turning a little more into a HTPC thread- but posted here as it was specifically with regard to the SIM2's - please move if you feel inappropriate)

P.S - Went to my study (non-HTPC) which has an older nVidea card in, and fell off my seat- you're right it does 1280x720.... Pity it has a fan. My mistake was I used an ATI card I think in my HTPC !
Hmm, thanks for the tip on that one!

Will it do HiDef assuming I use an Athlon 3400?

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