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Sep 26, 2002
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Ealing (London)
I remember trying ages ago to get powerstrip to work with the onboard GFX of my shuttle and failed, Has this been fixed yet in a later version?
I'm thinking of getting a MicroATX MB for another PC but is no good if a onboard GFX wont work.
I suspect the problem isn't with Powerstrip, it's with the graphics card, only certain chips allow Powerstrip the control it needs to alter the various timings which affect resolution and refresh.

What is the on-board chipset of the mobo you're considering?

IMHO no on-board graphics card is worth bothering with as the picture quality you'll get it not up to something like a £50 Radeon 9600 .. certainly the on-board MX-440 of my Shuttle SN51G was absolutely aweful for HCPC work.
I'm looking at putting an asus A7N8X in a Antec Minuet case and use a fanless CPU cooler to hopefully make a pretty silent PC, the shuttle is just too noisy. Trouble with the minuet case is its so small in can only take half size PCI/AGP boards, so its a case of either using onboard GFX or find a half size card, Any ideas which one would fit?

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