Powerstrip on Laptop?


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Anyone know if I can use the Powerstrip thing with
my Dell laptop?

It has a NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 ZX/4.0 MB /Data bus AGP



What do you want to achieve by using powerstrip?

I'm not even sure its relevant to an lcd screen (unless you want to match the pixel to pixel exact - even then I'm pretty certain that they're standard 800/600, 1024/768 resolutions...)



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Hi Rob,

Maybe DrPepper wants to use his laptop to drive a Projector ................. which is what I do, with a Dell CPX.

DrPepper, my laptop has ATI Rage Mobility graphics, and will take 848x480 to use on my AE100, but will not do 856x484 or a range of other custom resolutions - this is down to the limitations of the Rage graphics I think. I know that later Dells come with Radeon or GeForce mobile versions and that they take custom resolutions no prob.

Give it a whirl and see. The following might e more help - I posted it elsewhere on the forum and can't locate the link - If anyone's read this already, sorry for the repitition:

I've got a Dell Laptop which has Rage Mobility graphics (the newer ones come with Radeon or Geforce to Go, !!) and it won't accept 856x480 custom resolution. But it will allow me to select 848x480 (which equates to 480p in american terms, afaik) from the list of custom (id non user defined) resolutions. If it won't let you into the relevant area, it might help if you loaded a widescreen monitor driver onto your laptop, and "fool" the laptop into thinking that it has a widescreen monitor.

The following is a quote form a document I have stashed away:

It is also important to note that the monitor you specify in Windows must be capable of resolving the resolutions you present to the display driver in progressive scan mode. For example, if you want to create 1920x1080 interlaced, your MONITOR DRIVERS must be able to display 1920x1080 progressive. I use the Sony GDM-W900 monitor drivers because it has a max resolution of >1920x1200p as listed in Powerstrip 3 monitor profiles

the link to get the relevant driver is here :


The full lowdown on 856x480 on the panny is here:


Ooops, links didn't come thru ? Just cut and paste.

Have fun !

Sean G.


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Can't believe I'm up this late. Just seen Royksopp.
What an excellent live band!!

Anyway back to the tread.

theritz is right, i do want to out my dell to a Panny projecter.
I have a CSX but maximum it goes up to is 1024X768.
848x480 is not listed.

So it looks like I will not be able use Powerstrip:(


Sorry, I didn't even consider using the laptop with a pj:blush:

I always thought it was best to set to the panels native resolution, but I could be wrong. I had best results on my dlp at 800x600x60Hz - the scaling wasn't as good as on the pc..

If you can do 1024/768, then I'm guessing that your graphics card will do lower res' with powerestrip. Start it up , go to advanced timing options, then go to custom resolutions. Theres a list of pre-defined res' there (including 960/540 , 720/576, 720/480), but you may be best setting your own and seeing if your graphics chipset accepts it.

hth more than my last post,



Its looking like your card may not be supported:(

You're best bet is to try the powerstrip website. I had a quick look through the faq's but couldnt find any mention of your chipset.

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