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Powerstrip / HS10 basics

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by philsparks, May 14, 2004.

  1. philsparks


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    After about a year of faffing around, finally got all the bits I need for my grand plan. A shuttle pc, with Nebula card, a JVC 17" LCD TV and my HS10.

    The intention is to use the shuttle and JVC for normal watching, newsnight, soaps etc, and the HS10 for films and big sport events. Basically I just want to be able to push a button (Alt-F5 seems to be the one) and for the displays to swap over with the correct resolutions and refresh rates on each.

    So the JVC is connected to the VGA out of a 9600 non-pro, and the HS10 is connected to the DVI out.

    The JVC seems to work fine, as the ATI driver has 1280x720 @60Hz as a regular resolution.

    Where I'm struggling is with the HS10.

    If I go into windows display properties it shows the 2 monitor option box, and has monitor 2 (which I guess is the HS10) at 640x480. If I select this, (either by hot-keying from JVC to HS10, or as a windows extension) I get a really small 4x3 screen from the HS10, to see all of the windows desktop I need to scroll around to the edge so the desktop shifts on the HS10.

    I searched for advice around the forum, and downloaded Powerstrip, followed the 'paste instructions' using one of the timing strings. Now when I go back into the display properties for monitor 2, I can see that 1366x768 is there as an option, but it's got 60Hz, if I select this, the HS10 stops displaying anything. Maybe it's somehow sticking to 60Hz because that's what the JVC uses.

    Sorry if this is really basic stuff but can someone take me through the set up. I'm guessing it's possible, but I'm just being dim! I think part of my confusion is where I should be making the changes of selecting options - the windows display properties, the ATI display settings options or powerstrip - too many choices for my little brain to cope with!

    Happy for someone to talk to me as if I'm a 5-year-old.

    thanks guys.

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