Powerstrip custom settings for Tosh 42PW23P?



Hi all i just got a Tosh 42PW23P yesterday, ive been running xp media centre for quite awhile successfully on a 28ins sony trin wide.

I was wondering if anyone has the custom powerstrip settings for my tosh?

pixel clock?
scan rate?
refresh rate?


love the tv but im going to be gutted if cant use my MCE PC anymore, i dont have sky + and use this to record of the tv, and as a jukebox etc...

Please help!


I have also popped this post on the "Computer hardware & Home Cinema PCs (HCPC)" forum, just thought someone here might know the crack

Originally posted by ratchpot
Any luck with this?

I can't help with your query, but I was wondering how you are connecting your PC to the RPTV (never used an MCE PC). Is it via a TV-out capability on your video card, connecting to the RF input on your Tosh? What is the quality of the computer output like, and how does it compare to the 28" CRT?

I'm intending on getting a Tosh RPTV (WH36 range, haven't decided which size yet) and was wondering what the quality would be like if I hooked up my laptop to it. Laptop can go up to 1024x800 I think.

It's a real shame the UK Toshiba RPTVs don't have a DVI connection.

all sorted now, im connecting to my tv via s-vid out on a Radeon 9600 pro, to the s-vid scart on my RP, using a high qual monster cable, i dont intend on using the pc on my rp for general stuff, too much risk of screen burn. but MCE rocks... great for recording off sky etc, plus makes quite a gook juke, normal sky digital connected to my pc via monster S-vid to a hapauge pvr-250. loads of good stuff on its way for MCE, they take quite a bit to get setup btw gettng mce compatible drivers etc, as ms want us peeps to go out and buy a 1500quid mce from pcworld and not build your own..

btw, for all that read my orignal post on this, it had nothing to do with powerstip i just hadnt set the scart socket on the rp to s-vid DOH!!!!! but i have only had the tv for a day if thats any excuse!

quality wise, sky, recorded sky through mce quality is great, i wont go into quality running the OS, just DONT do IT! he says while typing this displayed on his RP, i have just got it working though not going to be a regular thing , cont and bright right down...

P.S. i know the question was not MCE related realy but if u like the idea here is a good start www.thegreenbutton.com

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