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I'll start by saying I'm not a tech savy computer person. I am trying to take screen shots of an online power point presentation and transfer the screen shoots (power point + the added notes and drawing by instructor during video) on to a power point of my own. I have been taking the screen shots, opening power point, creating enough slides for each screen shot, and manually drag and drop onto the slide and resizing. This is becoming tedious. Is there a way I can auto fit the image to the slide from drag and drop? Is there a faster way to do this (without purchasing additional software)? Any other ideas? Thanks

I am using Microsoft powerpoint for mac (2019) on a 15" macbook pro (with touchbar).


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Could you open both files simultaneously and copy/paste images (or whole slides) from one to the other?


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Set your PowerPoint template to match the size of the screen shots.

Select a blank layout and your paste should then fully fill without needing to resize.


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First of all, make certain you obey copyright laws and that it is legal what you are doing.

Using powerpoint in that way is highly inefficient as many of these images don't work. I'd only use powerpoint if the intent is to use it for a presentation. However, don't present someone else's work in that way...

If the purpose is for your own understand and with notes, I'd dump them in a word document, then add comments to each of those slides.

Either way, regardless of using PowerPoint or Word it should auto-size/scale anyway. In PowerPoint your slides have an image drop zone, don't they? If not, then choose the correct layout as otherwise, it won't know what to do...
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