Powerline plug issue


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I have a pair of TP Link powerline plugs and there both connected to wall sockets and not via an extension cord.

The problem I'm having is that the plug connected to my boxee box is all working fine (all 3 lights are green) but as soon as I begin to stream something my powerline light goes out and the streaming capabilities drop dramatically but then when I back out of the video streaming all lights go green.



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How long have you had them and are they running unusually hot when this happens?

I had a couple of Devolos behave exactly this way a couple of weeks ago , they were dying !


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Theres not much you can do with them other than replace them when this happens, mine were well out of warranty , so I had to get some new ones.

I opened mine up and the inside was black and smoked , the main or largest chip , an Intellon , was smoked , so the unit was clearly dead , those parts are not available to attempt a fix yourself , and even if they were , the cost of the required SMT soldering equipment is way more than the cost of a replacement.

Yours should still be warranty , maybe you can get a free replacement ?

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