Powerline adapters with Netgear switch


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Shortly going to have a garage conversion done and would like to know if I can make use of powerline adapters to get network connectivity in the new room. I'll be wanting to use a Xbox, PS3 and possibly a future smart tv out there.

We use Virgin Media for broadband and all my kit is in the living room at the moment so I was wondering if I could make use of some powerline adapters to connect everything up in the new room?

Also, to provide more than one ethernet connection in the new room, would I be able to make use of an FS108 8 port Netgear switch I have?

I was looking at the multiple port powerline adapters but if I can make use of my switch then I suppose I could cut costs a bit and just buy single port models.

Many thanks for any help


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yeah "should" all be ok can't state 100% for defo but have set similar configs up and they worked just fine


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Thanks for your reply maddogb.

I think it might be a lot simpler, cheaper and reliable to just get the sparky to put in a network cable before the walls are done.



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You've covered it in your second post but I was going to say that if possible run a couple of Cat5e cables into the garage and put a switch on the end of one (the other is spare). Or run a bunch of cables back to the house and connect them into your switch/router there.

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