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Just a quick question about powering HT speakers, I'm quite new to home theatre equipment and am getting some M&K Xenon for the front 3 and also have K4 tripole for the rears. I have a Yamaha DSP-763 amp. The speakers are all 4 ohm, so what would I need to get the best out of them, better amp or a power amp or something? Sorry but I don't have a clue about pre/power items.

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I usually find AV receivers in the region of £1,000 upwards are far better at handling 4ohm loads than entry level ones. And don't be fooled into getting a receiver just because it gives a power rating into 4ohms....

If you don't want to go that far, have a look at the Onkyo 709 (and the 609, if you're really have to stick to a budget), which will do a better job than most, partly due to it's THX certification.

What you set the crossover point to will depend on how loud you want to play them. Set it to about 100-120Hz for normal volumes, and about 120-150Hz for higher volumes. The quality you get from the Xenons will not only depend on the AV receiver, but also on having sub that performs well up to the intended crossover point, helping it integrate better with the Xenons. The more capable it is, the better, and bigger, the Xenons will sound.

You'll be able to use your 763 for now, but keep an eye on the volume - I'd stick to average volumes, otherwise it'll heat up more than usual if you push it too far, and may even cut out over extended use.


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Thanks for your indepth answer Dav1df, I know I have to upgrade my receiver at some point soon. I do like the looks of the Marantz but that's for a different thread. I was worried I wouldn't be able to power my speakers at all. I don't go high anyway.
Thanks again.

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